2009, I'm Exhausted!

I hate New Years Resolutions.  I think that by trying to have a big starting point, it is too easy to come up with random, thoughtless ideas like, this year I'll lose weight!  Save money! Start a business!  Find love!  Whatever.  I like themes.  I need to come up with a theme for 2010.  I suspect it will be vastly different than 2009. 2009 was clearly The Year of Big Things.

Let's review, shall we?

The year started out with a bang. New Year's Eve, while fun was just the precursor for Inauguration.

  • New Administration, and new relationship - or at least it felt like it.  Groom had PTSD from his looong work experience, and we needed to figure out life again.
  • Groom and I went to Hawaii for 11 glorious days, and remembered that we do in fact like each other.
  • I discovered I hated grad school.
  • I watched dear friends get married.
  • I went to WI a LOT for bridal stuff.
  • I left a comfy job for an awesome yet highly volatile new position that I knew I would adore.
  • My girlfriends threw me an amazing girls weekend/bachelorette in AC.  I love the beach, and my friends even more.
  • I got married in Rome,  honeymooned at someone else's wedding and in Spain, followed by a wonderful reception in Chicago.  That was pretty big.
  • I rediscovered that I love grad school.
  • I began to learn how to be a married person.
  • I realized I do know what I'm doing at work, and I'm sort of awesome at it.
  • I joined a new gym

Actually, I can feel my pulse rising when I look at that list. So clearly I need 2010 to be a little slower paced.  I want 2010 to be more purpose-driven.  I see no major changes on the horizon, which should give me a chance to concentrate on living a more wholistic life.  I have time and energy to devote not only to my great job, but to being really good at being married.  I can explore the idea of starting a PhD program and try new classes at my gym (Hot By Summer, here's looking at you!). I can read more and relax more, knit more, and spend better time with friends and family.  I'm going to plant the Seed Saver seeds I ordered and grow an actual garden.  2010 is going to be a time for reflection and enjoyment.  It's time to concentrate on the little things, instead of big life changes.  I have the feeling I'm seeking in my head...and I'm searching for the word.  2010 is the Year of Simple Pleasures.  That is it.  That is my 2010 theme.

Now doesn't that feel better than a resolution?