Simple Pleasure #2: Being lame on a Saturday Night

It is 10pm on a Saturday.  Do you know where I am?  I'm in my jammies and glasses, watching a second OnDemand movie. I have a bowl of popcorn ready, and my knitting next to me.  My little dog is barking at the bad guys on television, and I couldn't be happier. I know there are lots of fun things I could be out doing right now.  I could be on a pub crawl organized by a few friends.  I could be watching Hubby's band play.  I could be at one of two parties.  But tonight, I decided to stay home and enjoy my own company.

Every now and then I just need a night of nothing, to relax, and to know that tomorrow I'll be clear headed and alert for a Sunday morning.  I have a busy week ahead: classes begin again, I'm speaking on a panel on Tuesday, and work is crazy (but happily) busy.  This is a nice way to recharge.

So yes, I recognize I'm too young to be this lame, but I am cozy and happy on this frigid Saturday evening in the District.