Surprise Success

This is cross-posted from my other blog, Hot By Summer.  I had a little success, and in the words of Ana, a life coach and friend who said you need to put yourself out there, here we go! I would like to announce a little victory!  I have dropped a pants size!!! I fit easily into a pair of 12 pants.  So I purchased these pants as a little motivator. They are adorable Audrey Hepburn cropped black pants, perfect for Spring. I didn’t want to be all crazy and go with a size two or anything, as that would just depress me, which is the opposite of motivation.  But I was debating if I wanted to make time to hit the gym yesterday, after work and before class, so I tried them on.  They fit!  I went to the gym.

So here is what is working for me.  I never go more than two days without going to the gym.  This is a flexible approach, but one that I know I can stick with.  Maybe I went out too much over the weekend and it was snowing and I didn’t feel like going.  If I let myself be a bum for two days, the third day means I have no choice but to go to the gym.

I am eating more thoughtfully. I am still mostly following WW, and I know I could do better here.  But I’ve learned to balance my meals and to only eat things that I really enjoy.  For example, on Sunday I knew I was going out to dinner at Cashions, where I inevitably will get the sweetbreads, because they are life changing, and another dish because this is my favorite restaurant.  I went with the rabbit meatloaf.  Not necessarily a great diet moment, but amazing.  Also, in preparation for this meal, I had a very small lunch…I think it was actually just some hummus and naked pita chips. I had made pancakes from scratch that morning (which are not terrible for you – 2 pts each)  So because I had eaten small meals all day, I didn’t feel full or like I was over eating.  Plus I wasn’t depriving myself, just preparing for a meal I was going to really enjoy.

I would have liked to jot down the points, but WW is limited when it comes to actual foods.  Sure, there list is long, but it is filled with processed and diet foods, which I don’t really like. I’d rather eat a small amount of real butter than a chemical-laden fake product.

But I think the biggest secret is that I find ways to motivate myself.

#1 I think I’m worth taking care of.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t bother with the mani/pedis, the spa trips, or all the other ways that I treat myself.  I have put eating and the gym into this category.  This changed it all from drudgery to something I can do just for me.

#2 I don’t beat myself up for eating a burger, if that’s what I was craving, I just balance it out with salads or sushi for the next few meals.  Not beating yourself up is also crucial.  You can be your worst critic, but don’t be.  If you are on this blog, you are already doing something good for yourself.

#3 I don’t try to do everything in a precisely regimented way.  Sure, I have a goal in mind, but I also know that put in a strict environment, my natural tendency is to rebel.  Instead I let myself be a little more flexible, but I know that the rewards will come a bit more slowly.  This is okay too, because I’m reconfiguring my brain to not see food as a reward, or a crutch, or a way to handle a bad day.

We can all do this.  I am excited to see victory posts from everyone.  Am I done yet?  No, I’m just down to the size that has been my “normal” for a while, and now I’m shooting for a size ten, which I was in high school, when I was likely in the best shape I ever have been (I played volleyball and ran track). I dare not think about what happens after that…yet.