I need to write something

So this is my last semester in grad school (happy dance!).  I decided to take an extra theory class and actually write a thesis, because I have this secret idea that I would love to be a college professor and am considering PhD programs.  (I know, ignore when I bitch about undergrads, and more specifically why we grad students do not get our own library as do the law students, sigh). So at the risk of being Ana's biggest fangirl (Hi Ana!) I'm taking more Ana advice.*  I need to write something. Just a little something to get me over my "holy cows, why did I think I could write a thesis, take an optional class, and launch a brand new nonprofit organization at the same time."  Yes, I am doing all of that.  Anyway, during one of Ana's classes, she made big scary thesis writing sound doable - so I'm now blaming you Ana ;) -by breaking it down into small, reasonable steps.  My first step was to just write a little every day, even if it has nothing to do with my thesis.

As you might have guessed, this blog has no point.  I just poured myself a glass of wine, because I realize that since DC is scheduled to get two - yes two! - feet of snow starting tomorrow, the metro system needs one less idiot navigating the tunnels, and I'm going to work from home tomorrow.  I just listened to Madonna's Like a Prayer.  I thought I was doing a good deed and I downloaded the Hope for Haiti Soundtrack, but, if I'm being honest, it is terrible, and I'm already unmarking songs so they never appear on my iPhone. Making new playlists is my favorite way to procrastinate, just before cleaning.  I haven't reached the cleaning stage, but I'm sure that some time before March the tops of all of my door jams will get dusted (I did this during my first set of finals, and that was certainly the last time this notion has ever crossed my mind).

Goodness, this soundtrack is only getting worse.  I truly hope that at least I made a donation by buying it, because it will never be allowed to assail my ears again.

SO now my head is getting a bit more clear.  Wow, this is working!  I am seeing clear steps I need to do.  I have about 4 pages of resources that I need to review. This means seeing what I can find online, then making a list of the stuff that I will be forced to find the old fashioned way.  Yes, dear readers, I have to go to the Gelman, the library populated by under-clothed undergrads.  I'm just happy that I don't have to endure rush again this semester.  Anyway, then I have to determine my variables of my census data.  Then I have to find a way to convert this data so I can stick it into SPSS. Then I have to narrow down the 178 census tracts in DC into the 44 I actually want to explore.   I have to see what it all means. I think I'm going to make a list.  I like lists.

This Jay-Z and Bono song is only remotely tolerable.  Worst mix ever.

Then I get to write up the data part.  I think I should begin by writing up the other background stuff before I get to the data stuff, or my head will explode.  Plus it will give me a sense of accomplishment that will make re-remembering how to do SPSS less scary (shout out to Megan and Rachel - can we go to BL after I finish parts of SPSS?)

Skipping this song...Oh, and now it's Dave Matthews.  I haven't listened to him in years.  Wow, I remember this one concert...anyway.

Anyway, the goal is writing one month, data-focus one month, editing 3 weeks, and then I turn this in, and they give me a degree.  Somewhere along the lines I'll have to write a paper for my other class.  I only have myself to blame for this.

*Ladies in DC, seriously take a class with Ana.  They are fun and insightful.  Plus, you just feel calm being around her.