Dirty Forehead Day

Today is Ash Wednesday, or as we used to call it as kids, Dirty Forehead Day.  I would love to say this is disrespectful...okay it is, but today the DC Archdiocese decided to do something I find more than disrespectful.  In honor of the District recognizing love, the church, though Catholic Charities is cutting its foster children program.  I gave up meat, the Church I go to spearheaded cuts to foster children.  Somehow this doesn't seem like a good trade to me.  But my mother always told me at moments when I was upset with the Church (gay marriage, abortion, women in leadership roles, etc) that the church is just people.  So I will continue with my meat fast for the next 39 and a half days, and I will pray that the people in charge of my Church (St. Matt's, here's looking at you!) will recognize that what they are doing is not only shameful, but it is against any of the teachings that I picked up growing up. Catholic Church, I forgive you, and I hope that you will come to your senses and stop creating false messages.  Jesus didn't teach hate towards anyone and neither should you. Love, Courtney.