Simple Pleasure #3: Cabbing to Work

It has been a while since I continued with this series.  It is time to recognize, in the midst of work and thesis writing, that there are small things that make life a little nicer. It is crazy-windy outside today, so I decided to treat myself to a cab to work.  Normally I take the bus or the metro.  Taking the bus requires that I get to the stop at just the right time, and normally I have to cram myself into a rush-hour packed bus down to K Street, and then I switch to another bus that brings me fairly close to the office.  Or I walk 5 blocks to the metro, wait on the platform for an equally crowded train, and then walk another 4 blocks to my office.  Neither of these options are really that taxing - it's just life in the city when you do not care to own or need to own a car. This usually costs around $2 tops.

A cab to work costs around $7.50, and then I tip another $2.50 as a self-penalty to make sure that this does just stay a nice little treat.  Some mornings, it is just delightful to have the entire back seat of a car to yourself.  I often chat with the cabbies, as I find you can learn a lot from these folks.  Last week my driver told me how he graduated from City College in '68, was homeless in '74, and now drives cab and watches his 3 kids in school - one is getting a MSW, one is in college, and the third is on his way.  Today we discussed climate change in Ethiopia and how its silly for the United States to only focus on green stuff here.  Also, the hotel he works at has organic eggs on the menu, but really they come from a giant milk carton-looking container.

Other times, I just enjoy looking out the window.  I don't own a car, so I sort of go into golden retriever mode when I do get to ride in a car (I want to hang my head out the window and take it all in).  DC is a wonderful town for people watching and architecture spying, so it's fun to see neighborhoods from a new perspective.

So for $10, I learned a little more about Washington DC, I had a relaxing commute, and I was early to work.  Happy Friday.