Urban Gardening

In my quest to learn more about food and where food comes from, it only makes sense that I attempt to grow food myself.  I ordered a bunch of different seeds from Seed Savers, the rebel seed organization that preserves and shares heirloom seeds. I was so excited to find a few varieties of tomatoes that originated at my University (Wisconsin) and from Sheboygan.  Here's what I bought: The Heritage Farm Favorites.  This group includes beautiful chioggia beets, and Italian beet that originated around 1840, double yield cucumbers, from a New York farmer in 1924.  I have amazing dragon carrots and dragon tongue beans, german pink tomatoes, and a blend of lettuces.

I adore tomatoes, so I am trying to grow a number of amazing types.  I planted Black Krims, Sheboygan Tomatoes, and Wisconsin 55, which originated in the 1940s from my alma mater.

I'm also planting a few types of herbs, but I'm tempted to order a few more.  I have Russian tarragon, Sweet Genovese Basil, and Rosemary.

Because DC just had a weird cold spell, I decided to start the seeds inside.  This gives me time to sweet talk Hubby into building me the outdoor garden space described in Square Foot Gardening. While this sounds ideal for lazy gardening, I only have a tiny back patio for space outdoors, and instead of animals, its possible that I could have people pick at my plants.  Every gardener has a challenge.   Here are my baby plants in their "green house."  Check back for updates!