Simple Pleasure #4: Sunday morning

So far this morning has been perfect.  I slept in -really slept in.  I woke up at a normal hour, but decided to follow in my husband's favorite sunday ritual, so I put on NPR, and dozed off until nearly 11am.  I had forgotten that I was able to sleep in that late!  But I have been working particularly hard to make sure I can complete all of the work I need to finish before graduation, so I'm not going to feel guilty about it. I lingered in the shower long enough to properly shave my legs - something I have been neglecting for longer than I like to admit.  Also, I used my new Mach 3 razor - yes, it's marketed towards men, but is really quite amazing. I might have borrowed Hubby's in a pinch last week, and I was shocked, then horrified at how well it works, compared to my Schick. No lie, ladies, toss your pink razor and get a dude's razor.  I will no longer be intimidated by silly marketing when my legs feel this great! I'm going to save the rest of my thoughts on this for its own blog post.

Next up was a lovely walk with my pup.  I was a terrible puppy parent, and I kicked her out on Friday night.  Yes, readers, she was barking so much and didn't like the piles of books and papers I was creating to organize my stuff for my comprehensive exams, that I called my friend and fellow puppy mom to take her away.  Frankly, this may have been a ploy on my pup's part, as she loves my friend's doggy, and I suspect she just wanted to stay at her boyfriend's house. Now she's back home, and exhausted from the dog park and puppy wrestling, and she is being mellow and lovely.

Finally, is there anything better than eating eggs and reading the New York Times on a Sunday morning?  The answer is no, there is not.  I made omelets with Firefly goat cheese and asparagus, and Hubby made coffee, and I dug into the wonderful Sunday Style section, the Travel section, the opinion pages, the magazine.....ahhhhhh...There is something so wonderful about reading big ideas, and looking at photos of places I am longing to visit.  My Sunday subscription to the New York Times and Washington Post was a very thoughtful Christmas gift from Hubby, who knows I could spend all day lounging and reading these papers.  It's just delightful.

So, that is my perfect Sunday morning. I have to get back to the books, so that I can actually finish my degree in time for a May 15th graduation. But I am relaxed and happy, and feel like I could tackle the world - or I could read the book review section in the Times...hmmm...