Save my Weekends!

Today the House is voting to cut funding to Public Broadcasting.  That's right, they are trying to take Ira Glass and Lynne Rossetto Kasper away from me.  They want to stop Elmo and Grimace from hanging with your kids.  No more Hot Jazz Saturday Night or Car Talk!! Please, contact your member of Congress. I live in DC, and this Congress also stripped my member of her voting rights, so I have no one to beg to protect NPR.  Please, do it for me.  Don't make me imagine a Sunday without a Prairie Home Companion!

UPDATE:  The House voted to cut funding to NPR.  Let's hear it for anti-intellectualism.  This had nothing to do with the budget, but instead a bizarre belief that NPR is "liberal" media.  Clearly the folks who voted for cuts don't actually listen to NPR or they would realize that it is often painful, the lengths they go to to be non-partisan, which I appreciate.  That, and I have a shameless crush on Ira Glass.  And Tom Colicchio.  That's totally unrelated.