I don't care about Casey Anthony

That's her name, right?  The white lady that everyone thought killed her white, blond-haired child...I know there is something about duct tape and a swamp involved, but that's about all I actually know about this case.  I guess she was found not guilty, and lots of people are upset about that.  I remember seeing a lot about this on CNN when I was at a conference in Minneapolis recently, but I found the whole thing repugnant, and I changed the channel from my hotel-background noise channel to something else, I forget what. So why don't I care about this?  Mostly because children disappear every single day.  Kids are killed all the time.  150 black children were killed during the 2009-2010 school year, and that didn't get the incessant press coverage that one white kid got. In Randallstown, MD, not far from Baltimore, a 1 year old adorable black child was killed, as was her mother.  The accused is a DC police officer.  That didn't get months of coverage and bawling news reporters.  According to the Children's Defense Fund, a DC child is killed by gun fire every two weeks, and this does not get Nancy Grace calling up the devil.

The reason this case is getting all of the attention it is is not because of the horrors of the mother's crime, although lord knows the media loves an opportunity to demonstrate a mother acting outside of the prescribed role of "mother." You know what I'm talking about.  This myth is perpetuated so frequently that I suspect that when someone says, "you will understand when you have kids" they don't recognize that not only does this enforce this myth of mystical motherhood, but it degenerates amazing teachers who have not given birth to their own kids, women who are unable to give birth, women who adopt, or all of the amazing aunties, both official or through friendship that love children anyway. The problem is, that getting all excited when a woman acts or doesn't act how a "mother" should act sets cultural standards that are impossible to meet and are dangerous to all women, regardless of if they have selected to give birth or not.  Am I saying that Casey Anthony should kill kids?  Of course I am not.  I'm angry at the attention this one stupid case is getting.

The other main reason that this case is getting as much attention as it is is because the mother is an attractive white woman, who was accused of killing her attractive white child.  The media, and American culture as a whole has decided that the life of a white child is more valuable than that of her sisters and brothers of color.  Missing blond women receive far more attention than do missing black women.  Missing women of Hispanic origin receive even less attention.  These little girls have been missing for TEN years - no outrage, no CNN specials, no hijacking of my phone via push notification by the AP letting me know what has happened to this case.  Kids are kids. When they are harmed it is upsetting, and should be found upsetting and receive a lot of media attention - regardless of how photogenic the parent is, regardless of race of the child, and certainly regardless of the sick fantasy that mothers are perfect and would never harm a child.  People are people - some women kill, just like some men do.  No need to glamourize one effed up case over another.

So I am thrilled that sentencing is happening, mostly so that I don't have to hear about this woman again. Please, Hollywood, do not give her a book deal or movie rights.  Let's just let this go away, and not end up on Lifetime.