Here We Go!

June 13 So, yesterday was the first day I could test to see if my hunches were correct.  After waking up at 5am, and deciding it was too early to find out, I waited until 7am..on a Sunday morning.  I know, I could have slept in like a normal person, but I didn't.  And I was rewarded with a plus sign where the little window should be.  So it's real.  I am really truly preggers.

I wish I could say I was excited to confirm, but really, I felt a big ole, What Have We Done!?!  L was grinny, and not at all upset that I woke him up early.  I panicked for a quick few minutes before I remember that we did this on purpose. Then I wanted to call and tell people - hooray!  Look what we can do! Instead we decided it is better to wait until after I've gone to a doctor - in my case the midwife group I selected (more on why I wanted to go with a midwife later).

So I'm going to continue to chat about my experiences with this crazy new adventure, but I do want to preface that they are my experiences.  I won't try to speak for anyone else, or their experience with child birth.  I am sure I will have similar experiences to many women, and in some cases I may see things from a perspective attained only because of how this fits into my life. Either way, I don't believe there is a wrong way to do this, and I'm not about to determine that anyone else that made different choices than I have has done anything wrong.  I say this because I think that child birth and certainly child rearing is a topic fraught with differing opinions and feelings. Certainly a number of media sources have made a big deal about Mommy Wars, and this is something in which I refuse to engage.  Women make choices based on what is happening to them and I believe that each lady is trying to make the choice that works for them.  That said, I won't accept any negative bullshit to be thrown on me for my choices - I also reserve the right to make choices that work for me and my family.