Knocked up

So my writing project can now go public, as L and I have announced (on Facebook, obvs) that we are expecting a lil in February.  Earlier I wrote a few posts, that I'll put up now.  I was inspired by - and terrified by ScooterMarie's posts, so I thought it might be fun to write about what I'm thinking and feeling. Pregnancy is sort of overwhelming, and I'm not even talking about the physical aspects yet.  I'm especially interested in how the media portrays motherhood, how other women share information, what the books tell us about pregnancy, and certainly a little bit about the mommy wars, and where they stem from or if they even exist.  There is a lot of judgement passed when it comes to motherhood, so please remember that my thoughts are my own, and whatever you did or didn't do, you made the right choice. I'm making choices that work for me too.  Feel free to disagree with me, but I ask that you consider why you disagree.

So my next posts are dated when I drafted them.  Like any diary entry, they were mostly relevant when I wrote them, and my feelings may have shifted since then. Enjoy!