Well, That Was Easy

June 6th So, I'm 85% positive I'm knocked up.  Actually, who am I kidding.  I'm positive.  I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet, but the fact that I have super human smelling, my tummy is dancing, and other parts of my body haven't stopped driving me crazy for a week are all pretty good indicators that am definitely preggers.

The super human smelling kicked in last night, when I could smell the caramel corn I bought at a street fair that weekend, on the coffee table - which was 4 feet away.  I didn't hear what pizza L ordered, and I identified that there was definitely broccoli on it (broccoli rabe, actually).  This morning walking Juno was lovely with flowers and horrors of stinky people.  This is really weird. The downside is that I work in an office with a lot of dudes, and a lot of dude smells. Wow.  I'm a little queasy, but right now ginger ale (organic, fresh ginger, cane sugar) is helping, but its a weird thing to drink in the morning.

I really thought it would take longer to actually get pregnant.  I went off the pill, used an app to track fertile days, did the thing that gets you pregnant a bunch during those days and pow. Done.  Good bye sushi and gallons of champagne at weddings.  Now I have to figure out when to tell peeps - I suck at keeping secrets, and should something bad happen, I'd much rather have support than not. Also, I need for the midwife people to call me back, so I can meet them and see if this is the route I want to go.

So I'm not posting this until I'm ready to go public, but I'm writing these now anyway, so I can keep track of what's happening, how I feel, and to get ready for this big crazy scary adventure.  Holy hell, I'm knocked up!