Waiting for the Locusts

So DC had a big earthquake on Tuesday.  As a nice girl from the Midwest, who has been an east coast transplant for nearly ten years, this isn't really something I know a lot about. The giant snow storm we had two years ago?  No problem.  Earthquake = what? I was in a cab from the Hill back to my office, taking Pennsylvania Avenue, when we saw a ton of people streaming out of a building.  It looked like a fire drill, except that then people at the next building were doing the same, and then we took a right turn and the White House was being evacuated too.  My cabbie yelled out the window to a security guard to see what was going on, and she said, "The ground is shaking!" Of course I think bomb, because I live in DC and am well-versed in terrorism lingo and I yell, "Drive faster!" All up and down 14th street, people are streaming out of buildings - I have never seen so many people outside before, so I do the logical thing - I pull out my phone and start to tweet this great scoop I have - except that when I stop to read the tweets everyone is saying EARTHQUAKE!!  All the way up to 17th and M, where my office is, people are piling into the streets, into the parks, and out of office buildings.  I have a crack in my office wall, and the Washington Monument is cracked, but overall, the damage throughout the city wasn't too bad.  Traffic was a complete disaster afterwards, however.  My staff evacuated to a nearby bar until we were let back in our building.  So that was Tuesday.

Now it's Friday and we are getting ready for a class 2 hurricane to hit the east coast tomorrow. I lived in DC when we got hit with Hurricane Isabel in 2003, which was pretty wild.  Lots of rain, a ton of wind, and a really cool green sky. I'm planning a lovely rainy Sunday inside and hoping we don't lose power.  Good times.