Home Sweet Home

We bought a house!  Half the fun in this is painting, decorating, and gardening.  I've rented for ever, so being able to change whatever I want has been liberating and a little stressful, but in a good way.  I decided I hated these bushes in the front of the house, so I got rid of them.  I don't have to be stuck with sub par shrubs ever again! I have to say, I am actually getting into this.  During my maternity leave, I would spend many nursing nights filling up online shopping carts (and then not buying stuff) of things to make our house ours.

Here is our adorable little craftsman house, built in 1921.  I've just started to revamp the gardens, with help from my mom.  In the back, we planted a huge vegetable garden.  After trying to grow things in pots on my porch, this is pretty exciting.  Herbs will still have a place, but that place is in pots on the deck off of the kitchen!  We also planted a ton of flowers in the front yard to make the house more welcoming in our new neighborhood.  Already I enjoy using the front door, and have made the front yard feel like an extension of our living space.