Home Sweet Home Upstairs

The upstairs floor has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

I'm learning to like the bathroom, however, the clawfoot tub is not my favorite.  I do love them in rooms that also have a shower, but the space in this room only allows for a joint project, which means lots of shower curtains.  I'm making it work.  The sink is a beautiful Kohler pedestal sink, which was a huge selling point for me, since K-town is the homeland.

The third bedroom is the guest room/office/lady cave.  The basement has become the perfect place for L to keep all of his projects, and I realized that I too need a room of my own.  I'm willing to share mine with visitors, but I'm making this sunny back room into a little place where I can read, knit, write, drink coffee, hide, or hang with Teddy. I wanted this room to be fun, so I went with a wild bright pink color, and I'm sticking to black and white accents.

My current favorite room is Teddy's room.  Both of the bedrooms are painted in a beautiful gray shade - neutral, modern, soothing.  I'm not big on baby-esque design, so I selected oranges with bright accent colors.  I found the art work on Etsy; they are quotes or alphabet prints.  If there was a theme, it's likely letters, but I wanted to keep the room from being too theme-y or too gendered.  After all, he's a baby and doesn't seem to have design preferences.  I spend lots of time in this room, so I wanted to be able to enjoy it too.

Finally, the master bedroom is a work in progress.  I see this room being grays and lavenders, soothing and zen.  I'm undecided on an accent color, and I am playing with textures for the bedding and the curtains.