As If

I filled out my profile for RunKeeper, an app I am using to track my workouts, and it wanted me to answer the question, I Am a .... and then it listed adjectives based on sport, like runner, triathlete, swimmer etc.  I felt a little like a phoney answering "athlete," since that seemed like the best way to incorporate the Crossfit workouts and runs I am doing to prepare for the Tough Mudder in September. Since I had my son, I have been struggling to pinpoint my new identity, or at least to understand it better, and adding in athlete to the mix adds a new layer to the parent/partner/friend/political consultant- mix.  But, I recognize that the secret to my success in all areas of my life has been to act "as if" - act as if I already am partner in the firm, and soon it shall be so.  Act as if I will finish a master degree, and I can do it. Act as if I can get through 44 hours of labor and it will happen.

I'd like to be a runner, I have decided.  This is my least favorite way to work out, as I just don't find it all that fun.  It's repetitive and gives me too much time alone in my head, which I really don't need - it's already way too crowded up there with perpetual to-do lists. Yes, I was in high school track, and I used to do longer distances, but that time was also a long distance - yikes, 18 years ago? But I'm going to try to frame it in a new way, so that I can actually meet up to my app's expectation that I am an athlete.

Because there is a lot going on a my new house every weekend - baby stuff and projects - I'm going to enjoy taking time to be alone and just run.  I'm going to listen to ridiculous party/work out music (not Kesha though, I don't' know what the hell she is signing about), and I'm going to enjoy exploring my new tree-filled residential part of the District.  And I'm gonna wear my new running shoes, because in my book, nothing inspires action like getting to wear new shoes.

L put together a training program for me consisting of two crossfit days and then a long run on Saturdays and a short run on Wednesdays.  Hopefully this will make me feel like I'm living up to declaring myself an athlete, and it will get me in shape for the Mudder.  Oh, and my real goal?  I want Michelle Obama arms.  That's really what this is all about.