101 Goals in 1000 Days

One of my favorite bloggers, who writes at Chevron and Stripes (and is a fellow UW grad!) posted this today, and I might give it a whirl.  The deadline is just under 3 years, which does give me a lot of time to complete a lot of things, big and small. What will you do? 1. Start a baby book for Teddy I ordered one from Etsy and am getting started! (June '12)

2. Have another baby

3. Learn to make my own baby food (Aug '12, have begun!)

4. Finally make a not ugly and delicious pie crust

5. Train for a tough race I signed up for the Tough Mudder in September (June '12) Signed up for Philly half marathon (July '12)

6. Make partner at my firm

7. Go on vacation by myself

8. Spend a weekend in NYC with L

9. Finish the sweater coat I started knitting

10. Take a Pilates class at Fuse

11. Take a Spanish class

12. Explore PhD options (Ongoing - in love with Columbia, considering U-MD for ease of commute, maybe Berkeley?)

13. Explore kindergarten options for Teddy

14. Carve pumpkins at Halloween

15. Go on a girls weekend

16. Call in sick and go to the beach for the day

17. Go to a baseball game

18. Go to a football game

19. Read The Portable Dorothy Parker

20. Unplug from social media for a day

21. Weed my garden (June '12 - ongoing)

22. Plan garden in winter for the next spring

23. Picnic in Central Park NYC

24. Picnic in Rock Creek Park DC

25. Visit Andi in Arizona

26. Have a spa day

27. Inspire someone to join WIN

28. Become a runner (June '12 - I think I can say I'm a runner now!)

29. Rent kayaks and row in the Potomac

30. Knit a baby blanket for a friend

31. Get professional photos taken with Teddy

32. Send Dog Walker gift for taking care of Juno

33. Organize office and create happy writing space

34. Edit closet (Aug 2012 - packed up maternity clothes, took stuff to consignment)

35. Make my own throw pillows

36. Find art work for my bedroom

37. Plan for our 5th anniversary trip

38. Take a cooking class

39. Start Teddy's college fund

40. Write a will/living will

41. Learn to invest in stock market

42. Read Infinite Jest

43. Attend BlogHer Food conference

44. Host a fundraiser for a candidate I believe in

45. Make banana bread and give to neighbors

46. Give extra herbs to neighbors

47. Shop only locally for a week - no online shopping

48. Pay off all credit card debt

49. Buy a pair of classic, nice black pumps

50. Go on a vacation with my mom

51. Buy a new laptop

52. Give up carbs for a week (this is now my norm, only sugar one day a week)

53. Eat at Le Bernardin

54. Go to Chicago

55. Go camping

56. Go to Austin (Julia & Brian's wedding)

57. Frame wedding photos and give to family members

59. Learn to make cheese (Aug '12, took a class with friend)

60. Go to Jazz in the Park at the National Gallery

61. Take Teddy to the zoo

62. Teach Teddy to swim

63. Teach someone to knit

64. Go ice skating

65. Go to New York at Christmas time

66. Get stockings with our names on it for my fireplace

67. Spend a Sunday morning in bed with the NYT and coffee

68. Plan a surprise fancy date for L

69. Host a dinner party

70. Plan a party for a friend

71. Set up two friends on a date

72. Surprise L with a gift for no reason

73. Rent a beach house in Rehoboth for a weekend

74. Pickle something

75. Move herbs indoors in cold weather

76. Give leftovers to a homeless person

77. Be a sponsor of DCCK's Food Fight

78. Bid on something at an auction

79. Go skiing - consider taking a lesson

80. Speak to a class (June '12, Spoke to UW students as part of their DC Summer internships)

81. Mentor someone (Summer '12, mentored UW student)

82. Travel overnight with Teddy (July '12 - Teddy and I travel to WI for a week)

83. Travel overnight without Teddy

84. Contribute an article to a blog/publication (June '12 - was published in Role/Reboot)

85. Go horseback riding

86. Make a souffle

87. Read Robert Caro's new book Passage of Power

88. Read Middlemarch

89. Treat someone to a mani/pedi (June '12 - a coworker was having a bad week)

90. Start a family tradition

91. buy a great dining room table

92. Lose 10 lbs

93. Use the front exit in the bus to thank the driver (June '12)

94. Eat at Kopp's in Milwaukee (July '12 - on trip home for mom's 60th birthday party)

95. Write a really good recommendation letter for someone

96. Buy lemonade at a lil kid's lemonade stand

97. Leave someone a really big tip

98. Buy girl scout cookies from a girl scout

99. Do 100 situps (July '12 - part of my Crossfit class today! Surprised even me that I did it!)

100. Write a love letter

101. Write  letters to Teddy to open on important birthdays