Power in Thoughts

It's going to be nearly 100 degrees in the District today, but I still got up and went for a run.  And it actually felt fantastic!  I was sweaty and disgusting when I got back, but I was also...drumroll...a half pound under my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm fully aware that that half pound could have been water loss from my run, but I don't care.  It's a small milestone that thrills me. After Saturday's 51 minute run, which I was really nervous about, and then running hills in Crossfit yesterday, today didn't feel that bad at all.  I had great tunes, and I was moving pretty quickly.  Still, my overall pace is pretty lousy, when compared to the runs I used to do in high school track.  Also, that was EIGHTEEN years ago, so I should probably stop comparing my run times to when I was 16. My first mile was around a 9 minute pace, and I ended closer to 11 minutes, but under, which still makes it my best run yet.

But what this made me think is that I used to be able to do a 6 minute mile.  I wonder if I could do that again?  I probably can't do it tomorrow, but maybe I could do it eventually.  I find that in addition to building up the physical stamina to do this, I have to make sure my mind is in the right place.  I tend to go through life with a "I think I could do that" attitude, and when I apply that to a project, be it grad school, labor, a new project at work, or a run, I'm always right. Always. I was thinking about some friends who have a lot of excuses as to why they can't run or work out, and I think that if you start from that place, instead of "maybe I could do that" you have already made it much more difficult for yourself.  Maybe starting with a simple walk every night would be an easy first step to getting in better shape.  No one said we have to run 5 minute mile marathons our first time out.

So I'm going to keep this 6 minute mile idea in the back of my head as I continue training for the Tough Mudder in September.  Maybe I won't be able to do it by then, but I bet I'll be able to get close at some point.