September Issue

Having spent a number of years getting ready to go back to school mid-August, it is hard to rid myself of this excess energy when I don't have a reason to buy new notebooks and pens.  This excitement at the year ahead begins with one glorious publication: The September Vogue.  This giant glossy tome signals the end of a long hot summer and marks the beginning of something new. Every year I purchase this giant 600 + pages filled with photos of new ideas and stunning photography.  It's aspirational and beautiful, and sparks a desire in me to be more creative .  When the September Vogue hits the store shelves, it means I need to fit in that last beach trip, enjoy wearing shorts and skirts while I still can, and enjoy slower times at work.  I need to spend more mornings drinking coffee on the porch.  I need to make the time to read this giant magazine! Because post-labor day, an entirely new energy seeps in, ready or not. I adore September.  It is probably my favorite month.  I want to buy new books, seek out new knitting patterns, write more, and invest my time in creative ventures. I want to take road trips and explore stuff in DC I ignore all summer thanks to the tourist invasion. I want to shop for jeans and boots and cardigans, even though I probably can't wear any of this stuff with any regularity until mid-October.  It's this time of year that I start looking up grad school programs again, and try to figure out how to make it happen - right now I suspect my PhD will have to wait.

This autumn I will add into the mix one infant (currently 5 months old), one new house,  and a presidential election season.  For most, these three things may be seen as creative-killers, time sucks, or just another thing to worry about, but I am actually excited to focus some of my creative energy on these things.  Teddy is endlessly entertaining, now that he does stuff.  Plus knitting for littles means smaller patterns, less yarn, more project satisfaction.  I can online shop for hours without actually purchasing anything, and thanks to Pinterest, I can decorate my new house to my heart's content, and then buy stuff some other day (or no other day).  And for me, election season is always a time of high energy.  I spend my days thinking up creative ways for my clients to have greater impacts during their campaigns.

So while I won't be buying new pens or notebooks, I can definitely swing a pair of jeans and a few skeins of yarn, and a new book or two, just for those last few hours between 6am and midnight when I'm interacting with the world.