Am I taking crazy pills?

Honestly, I can't let this go without a proper rant. Consider yourself warned.  Two days ago,  elected official/genius Rep. Todd Aiken of Missouri declared that:

"legitimate rape" rarely resulted in pregnancy, saying that "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

The GOP has actually suggested that he get out of his senate race with Sen. McCaskill (MO), but he will not. Today, another noted elected official/genius, Rep. Steve King of Iowa, stated,

he’s never heard of a child getting pregnant from statutory rape or incest.

Today, the NYT reports that the G.O.P has included in its platform a call for a constitutional ban on abortions with no exceptions, and that somehow this would fall under the 14th amendment.  Rep. Paul Ryan, the new Vice-Presidential candidate also supports this and has authored bills to make this the law of the land.

What do these folks all have in common?  Apart from all being white GOP members, they are also....incapable of ever ever ever being in the position of giving birth, which is actually a good thing considering they clearly don't understand how babies are made and have decided that despite that, they have some divine right to tell others what to do.

These men claim religion.  They claim a conservative way of life. They demand the right to practice their religious beliefs. And then they turn around and deny that very freedom to everyone else who does not believe in their god or practice their beliefs. I am tired of this new order of conservatives stating that they know what god wants and that everyone should follow these beliefs. I am sick of hearing about how their right to practice their religion is being compromised by having to spend tax dollars for things like birth control. Maybe I don't want my tax dollars to fund the roads that allow them to drive to their crazy churches. Maybe I want the right to practice my religious beliefs the way I want to.  Maybe I want to not practice a religion at all. The fact of the matter is that the constitution, the thing they want to change for their petty, sexist beliefs gives us that right, and I won't let them take it away under a misguided and unresearched belief that the founding fathers wanted it this way.  They did not. Many of them were atheists.  The United States was founded on religious freedom, including the freedom from religion. I am offended to my core that they would use religion - something that so many hold so dear - to attack women.

And that's what this is.  You can wrap it in the shroud of Turin, a pinstripe suit, or an old-timey wig, but that doesn't make it anything but an attack over the most fundamental part of a woman's freedom.

It is deeply problematic - and is, frankly,  making my head explode - that these are the people selected to make legislation that impacts something as personal as how to control my own body.  They are making the laws that legislate an act they can never experience.  These men will never know what it's like to find out they are pregnant, be happy or sad by that discovery, to monitor the growth of an unborn child, that may or may not reach viability, and they sure as hell have never spent 44 hours in labor trying to bring that child into the world, and yet they have declared that they know best for me, for my body, and for all women.

As a student of political theory, I believe that there are Republicans that would agree that even having this discussion or allowing government to intrude into this personal discussion is abhorrent.  Libertarians should also side with the fact that laws should not be made that would dictate the personal decisions of a woman.  Yet, for some reason, these conservative thinkers, the ones who were drawn to the Grand Old Party because of this belief that the people and not the government know best, are now allowing the worst version of conservative thought to take over and insist on adding to the Constitution, a document that I as a student of politics, hold so dear.  You see, unlike these freaky-freaks, I have read the constitution. A number of times. And I understand it, it's purpose, and how it came to be.  The beauty of it is that it is a living, breathing document, subject to interpretation and has built in place ways to change it with the times to improve the lot of citizens.  It should not ever be used to take away freedom or to subjugate an entire group of people, and that is just what this new brand of conservatives intend to do to women, and worse, they are blaming it on god.

I'm offended so deeply to my core that they refuse to use logic in arguments. I'm tired of the bastardization of religion and the Constitution as grounds for the subjugation of women.  I've had it with these middle-age white men with limited access to other races, classes, belief systems, or it seems, genders being the ones who have some undetermined privilege that makes them believe they have the right to make rules that do in fact harm other people that are not like themselves.

So that ends my rant, but not my rage.

Update: WTF. I mean honestly?!?!?