Autumn Renewal and Random Thoughts

I don't know what it is, but every Autumn, I feel refreshed and renewed.  I feel creative again.  I feel like wearing cardigans and jeans, hurrah! It's an election year, and I'm finally getting into the groove of the season.  Normally this would occur much earlier, but I have been feeling work blahs, that I can only believe are residual from trying to adjust to work and family life. Last election cycle I was able to stay at work as late as needed, and even on the nights when I didn't have a lot to do for myself, it was just fun to stay late and help with other projects.  Normally it was my project keeping everyone later, but none of this was a problem. I had the energy and the desire to do it. Don't get me wrong, I adore my job.  I work at a small firm, I have a ton of responsibility, room for creativity, and a staff and clients that I am genuinely excited about. I've just had a tough time getting my groove back after my maternity leave, and even though my boss doubled my role, I was still feeling a bit melancholy towards the whole thing.  But along comes cooling weather and changing leaves, and I feel excited about my work again.

With the download of a new operating system for my phone came new apps - and new tools for knitting. I have two sweaters I want to make; one for me and the long-promised sweater for my husband. We've been married for three years and together for nine, so I think I can trust him not to leave when I finish the project.  (Non-knitters: Making a sweater for a boyfriend guarantees he leaves you before the sweater is finished.  It's a well-known truth for knitters).  The yarn for the first project is on its way, and I have catalogued all of my needles on a cool app that links with Ravelry, guaranteeing that I won't rebuy the same one again.  I'm still working on the yarn stash, but that's a fun project for later.

I'm reading a new book, which is usually not noteworthy, as I'm always reading a new book, but this one is making me consider options for a second career.  I have always love politics, but I'm not sure I want to be one of the Olds in the consulting world.  I had planned on getting a PhD and perhaps teaching college eventually.  I think I need to look into teaching classes as an adjunct at my alma mater soon.  I also realize that I need to learn Spanish if I'm going to actually apply, and while the app I play with is lovely, I will need to take this more seriously as well.  Anyway, the book I'm reading was written by a friend of my husband's, and was published by Nas.  The content is amazing, but it doesn't seem to have had any editing.  So now I'm wondering if that might be something I could do post-politics.  Something to ponder. I know next to nothing about the publishing world apart from that I would get to read a lot.

Anyway, these are the things I ponder when I have the time to, er, ponder.  Clearly I need to get out and run tomorrow to think these through further.