Clearing it all out

IMG_2381Now that the holidays are over, and I find myself with unplanned free time, I'm using this time to figure out what I want - what I really want. Maybe other people do this regularly, but I find that often I get on a path and I just stay on that path and keep driving ahead on that path, and I don't give any thought to whether or not it's the right path. To have this time to figure out what I really want out of my life is a luxury, and one I do not want to waste. Spending my Day: Early conclusions are that I need to think carefully about what I will do for a living. I have been in a field that I love for the past 12 years, and now I have the time to consider if this is where I want to continue. What do I want my career to look like for the next decade? How much time will I spend on my work? What will I wear to work? How will this impact my relationships? How will it impact parenting (and the desire for a squid 2.o)? Will I focus on daily work or do I want to do something more long term? Where does education fit into this? I have long considered working towards my PhD.  Is this something I want to do in the next decade?  A lot of these are questions I didn't consider as a twenty-something starting out. I plowed ahead, looking for new, looking to learn, looking to travel, looking for more of everything. Now I think I might need less - in terms of fame, time, stress.  Some things will not change - I want to do good, challenging work that matters. I want to learn something new. I want to mentor and help the next generation of leaders develop into strong leaders themselves. I want to be compensated and appreciated for my time and dedication. I want to feel secure in my next roles, so that I can offer security to my family. I want L to be able to take a few risks, so that I might be able to take a few risks again.

Authentic, Inside and Out: I mentioned clothing, and I know this seems an odd thing to give thought to, but I think it does play a role in how I want to live my life. I'm cleaning out and organizing my closet as a way to determine how I want to move through the world, how I am viewed by others, and what type of statement I want to make to myself and others. It speaks to how much I need and makes me consider the fact that more is not more, but in fact, I can do more with less if I am thoughtful about the items I buy.  I have long relied on a book called Style Statement to help me make authentic choices, and it might be time to revisit this book while I am on vacation. Up until now, my statement has been "Genuine Flair" and I'd like to see if this still holds.  It certainly seems to apply to my home decorating (see: traditional craftsman living room, painted BM's chamomile).

Peace at Home: Which brings me to my home. I'm investing in more storage containers and trying to streamline our home. I think if we have less (yes, that means less Teddy stuff too), that we will be more satisfied with the things we do have, and can focus on a few important things. I find that when I focus on one or two hobbies, it's more fun than trying to do everything, making many hobbies into chores. Luckily we just moved in less than a year ago, so the organize the house project shouldn't be too impossible. And bonus, all this organizing speaks to my control-freak heart and makes me feel like I have a little more purpose to my days.

Mindful Dining: Finally, I'm clearing out the junk from my diet. I have been more conscious of what I've been eating since I started to run regularly, but I think I might up it a notch by trying out the Paleo challenge that my Crossfit gym is hosting. I'm not sure I'll love it, but I'm using it as a way to detox from sugars and Christmas cookies. I do love to cook, so perhaps this will just lead to more mindful food preparation.

These are just a few of the things I want to be more aware of in this new year. What are you doing?