In which I feel like a competent adult

This day has finally arrived!  This is a big deal as I am job hunting, and in DC, home of "and what do you do?" identity is quite tied up in where one spends 9 hours of their day. So I've been feeling a little bit like a lame-o, despite that I have two very strong leads (and one job offer on the table - yay!).  So I declare that today, I am actually a grown up. Today, when my husband discovered a weird leaky think happening in the basement bathroom, and declared that he might have to take the day off to fix it, I immediately called a plumber. Because this is our house, and we don't have a landlord anymore, and that means I have to do this stuff. The nice plumber came over and hacked into my kitchen wall, and declared I needed a new pipe that would cost $1200.  Instead of peeing myself and saying, "slap some duck tape on it and I'll see you in a year" we hacked into the "Surprise! Something broke" savings fund and I paid the stupidly large bill.  Yes, that bill completely sucks, but what sucked less was the fact that I was able to grin a little, and remember how many times my mother (an accountant) would tell my sisters and I to have a budget! Save! Put money away for emergencies! Well, I listened. And what could have been a disaster was not.

And then I ran a bunch of errands, went grocery shopping, started a pot roast for dinner in a crock pot (you can take the girl out of the Midwest...), and steamed carrots for my kid's meals. I rule.